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You will need your list of medications, doctor's name, and any insurance information.

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We work with your doctors, insurance and manufacturers to save you time and money.

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We will deliver your medication to your home or office. Exactly the way you prefer.

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We research and apply discounts whenever possible to reduce your medication costs.

Medications safely and securely delivered to your home or office. The way you prefer.

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What Our Customers Say

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“This pharmacy is the best! Pharmacist has lots of knowledge and staff takes time to explain in detail. Quick and friendly service .. I highly recommend this pharmacy. They also deliver and ship anywhere.”
Josh P.
Edison, NJ
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“The staff helped sign my father up for prescription insurance. Before that he could not afford his medicines. Very grateful to you guys!”
Michelle J.
Plainfield, NJ
Woman testimonial for Drug Mart pharmacy
“I work at a doctor's office and we found this pharmacy to be the best in terms of service and price. I personally use Drug Mart and am very happy.”
Nancy R.
Dunellen, NJ
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Ask your pharmacist,
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Prescriptions can be tricky. Our pharmacists are just a chat, text, or phone call away.
I have a headache, can I take Advil?
Is it okay to drink with these pills?
Which vitamins should I be taking?
My medicine doesn’t seem to be working.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All Questions
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How do I switch my prescriptions from another pharmacy to Drug Mart?
The easiest way to transfer a prescription is to complete the registration form at Get Started. We will get the required information to request a transfer of existing prescriptions from your previous pharmacy or medical provider.
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How long will it take to have my medication delivered?
For delivery of refills in New Jersey on an existing prescription, you can generally expect to receive your delivery on the same day Monday thru Saturday. Prescriptions that need additional authorization from your provider or insurance company may take longer to process. For deliveries in New York or Pennsylvania, you can expect delivery the next business day.
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Can I purchase vitamins from anywhere in the US?
Yes. You can purchase the professional vitamins and supplements from anywhere in the US.
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How can I check the status of my order?
For prescription orders, you will be contacted by our pharmacy team with information on your scheduled delivery. For vitamin and supplement orders, you will receive an email with tracking information. You can always contact us at (800) 877-0337 for the status of your order.