Access to affordable medicines.

340B Pharmacy

We partner with federally qualified organizations to provide outpatient medications at greatly discounted prices. Find out how you can take advantage of this program.

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We empower health systems

Realize the full potential of your 340B program.

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Improved outcomes
Increase patient compliance and outcomes management.
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Specialized focus
Capture additional savings on medicines for hepatitis C, HIV and Rheumatology.
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Capture 340B savings with many limited distribution drugs.
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We provide detailed reports to provide a complete view into program performance.
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User-friendly reports to monitor and validate compliance.
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In Network
Benefit from our acceptance into most insurance plans and all Medicare D plans.

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You may be wondering

Why should our facility contract with Drug Mart?

Drug Mart has been providing 340B contract pharmacy services for many years. We make sure your facility is compliant and optimize the program to meet your clinical and financial goals.

How much do patients save with the 340B discount?

The minimum discount is 23.1% for most brand-name prescription drugs, 17.1% for brand-name pediatric drugs, and 13% for generic drugs. Sound confusing? Call us for specific pricing.

How does the 340B drug program work?

The 340B program is a drug price control program that allows qualifying providers serving uninsured and low-income patients to purchase outpatient drugs from manufacturers at discounted prices.